"Lynn's work(Perhaps a good word for them are vignettes?) shows an empathy and respect for her subjects without sentimentality. Her subjects have dignity and the backgrounds she develops display their nature and character in context.  I feel very fortunate. Today, I listened to my head and my heart. I've added something truly beautiful and meaningful to my life. I adopted a mixed media painting today from artist Lynn Sisler." --PJN, Easthampton MA

"I truly love this painting, The Gathering, as it brings a smile to my face

everyday." --NM, Decatur GA

"When I opened the box (I know this sounds really weird), but I got chills! The painting is so incredibly amazing!! I love everything about it! I guess it's a good lesson in trusting your own impulse. For some reason, I was (and am) very draw to this piece, and it feels like it was supposed to belong to me. Not trying to sound really strange about this, but I did want to convey to you how thrilled I am to have this piece in my house and how much I really love it. I have no doubt that the perfect place to hang it will come to me. It will be perfect wherever it is."

--TP, Atlanta GA

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