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artist statement

I create art because doing so allows me to frequent the space between scientific

exploration and matters of the heart. These two realms seem juxtaposed, but I

find that their crossover is so common that I believe they are one and the same.

To “study” something usually entails using our senses and reason to research,

observe, create theories, and conclude what seems to be the order of things.

My artistic process is much like the scientific method, entailing careful observation,

consideration of perspective, hypothesizing, and then trying things out visually

as a sort of experiment. The creative part of me seeks to ask (and answer)

questions such as, “What about the something which cannot be observed,

but is felt more as intuition? What if those perceptions also point to a possibility

which cannot be proven but is no less possible?”

The German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, theorized that when we experience an

object, it becomes a ‘thing as it appears to us’ because we “see” it through our

own tinted perceptions, including that of reason. We can never fully know

“the thing in itself” because the world is always subjective. This distinctly human

interpretation of the world is where my art comes from, as it must, but it is also

searching for other possibilities. Through regular journaling, notes, and sketches,

I find inspiration in my own curiosity, discovering wonder in the intricacies and connections of the natural world.  My thoughts connect together like the pieces of a puzzle to become a larger idea that I intuitively feel is important for me to portray. I place these experiences, thoughts, metaphors, and symbolic visuals into my compositions, narrating a story. 

I find these multiple connections are frequently part of a larger picture, branching out as one path leads to another and another, chronicling abundant tales. Most often, drawn to the alluring and beautiful subject of animals whom I refer to as “fairies”, I have found that their spirits represent for me poignant lessons about what it means to be human.

I use the beauty of textured materials, including oil paint, acrylic mediums, wax, collaged paper and pressed botanicals to add depth and to reflect the layered, etherial meanings within my work. When various mediums come together in the compositions, they compliment and enhance each other organically. Color is the muse, and I choose the hues viscerally. The layers become reminiscent of ghostly histories, primitive, yet powerful narratives of my psyche, and become the spiritual energy that flows around and through, and ultimately is all of us.