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lynn sisler


Ocean Life-Force: An Artist's Exploration

Conservation must have its foundation rooted in strong science. But equally important is the “heart” side of conservation. In order to inspire, raise awareness, and promote creative thinking to non-scientists, conservation efforts must be, at times, presented in ways that appeal to people’s emotional sides. That’s where artists come in. If an artist bases their work on scientific themes and can then inspire others to act by conveying a powerful message, then the artist and scientific community have effectively partnered to communicate a common goal.  I create art because I feel that the best way for me to respond to something that I feel passionate about is best expressed visually.  I am currently in the process of seeking out an artist's residency in which I can build a foundation for my paintings and sculptures for this project.

This upcoming work is inspired, in part, by Sylvia Earle’s lifetime work and Sy Montgomery’s The Soul of an Octopus.  My themes explore human, animal, botanical and environmental vulnerability, life and death forces, the historical and ancient relationships between animals and humans (sometimes shown in fairy and folk tales), and the lure of beauty. I will be painting a series of works which will focus on ocean creatures, incorporating both past histories and current issues within a personal response, as well as to bring attention and action to marine conservation and climate change.

Watch this space for upcoming artwork!